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The purpose of this website is to publish objective (& personal) reviews of new property launches in Singapore. 

Chasing the latest property fad is exciting and all. But on the flip side, the numerous and successive property launches could get very confusing. There are always numerous property launches and show flats, all with the same aim of propping value and masking imperfections. And when you do get to the show flat itself, there is also the matter of navigating through some overzealous agents and the occasional misinformation. 

It can get overwhelming.

So here is ProperSquare organizing all this information; It is our goal to collate and check information that may be potentially useful, and filter out the unnecessary noise for our readers. We do so by having detailed reviews of newly launched property developments. By being a critical voice and pointing out the truth of what buyers are getting, we hope to let property buyers go into their property purchase with full knowledge of what they are getting into. 

We hope this website will provide for you an intuitive and organized way of reviewing these new property launches. And we hope that you will enjoy this website as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 


ProperSquare: Property - Price - Layout

The name “ProperSquare” is a portmanteau of the words property, price per square foot (a measure of the cost of real estate), and square (traditionally a good layout for its useable living space).

Feel free to comment, talk to us, or ask us anything. We’ll love to hear from you ☺ If you have any property projects that you are particularly interested in, drop us an email and we will  see if we can help you with making a good decision for your property purchase!

Have a great (and easier) property search with us!



FAQ Section

FAQ: Why ProperSquare?

We want to be the definitive opinion for property buyers in Singapore. Just like how CNET ( reviews new technologies and Carmagazine ( reviews the latest cars with a great degree of detail, we aim to do the same for new property launches by judging them on a list of universally applicable criteria.


FAQ: How are you different from Property Guru or iProperty or STProperty?

PropertyGuru, StProperty and iProperty are portals that provide property listings and news. They usually have a quick numbers/fact list on a particular project, but precious little else. ProperSquare runs on the premise of objectively reviewing major new property launches and publishing this information online so that prospective buyers can get a good feel of what they are buying into instead of depending on marketing talk and news.


FAQ: How does Team ProperSquare choose which property to review?

We do full reviews on the newest launches in the markets that have more than 200 units as we feel that this will maximize our currently limited manpower and resources. For projects with lesser units, we will usually skip them or do a shortened review if there is enough demand from readers who contact us.


FAQ: Can I get free, no-obligation advice from you?

Sure! We would be glad to help you out sans obligations. However, do consider working with our marketing team for your property purchase. It will definitely go a long way in keeping us keep this website running. Sometimes, we might only reply emails after a day or two due to high email volume, so we seek your understanding as well.


FAQ: How can we help you keep this site running?

Our team at ProperSquare is always very grateful when our readers finally decide on a good property and decide to purchase their new home through our marketing team. We feel happy that these readers go into their purchase knowing full well what they are paying for and do not feel shortchanged by the marketing hype in the future.


If you have any further questions about us, do let us know via our contact form or drop us an email at


Team ProperSquare



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